EFI Operates Differently

We use our employees to perform services. When clients select EFI, a partnership is formed that we take very seriously. Among other factors, trust is a tenet of this partnership. To maintain trust and to control the quality of service, EFI believes it is vital we perform the service at your facility. We avoid using third party providers unless a compelling business reason exists. This approach also allows EFI to establish, execute, and control budgets.

Systemic Approach

EFI uses a holistic and systemic approach to problem-solving called Systems Thinking. Its foundation lies in Systems Dynamics, founded in 1956 by MIT professor Jay Forrester. Systems Thinking defines a system as group of interrelated factors that regulate the flow of information and resources. Systems Thinking focuses, then, on the internal structure, or system, being considered.

How does this approach help our clients? Using this approach avoids symptom-level problem solving - a costly and ineffective use of time and resources. Instead, this approach creates long-term solutions and value.

Bidding and Pricing Process

Do you feel like your facility services provider's bidding process is shrouded in mystery? You may be right. Many companies do not have clear-cut pricing methods because they are focused on winning the job by the lowest price. This sounds good at first, but EFI knows that customers who select a company based on price alone are most likely to dismiss that same company due to the poor quality of their work and a failure to meet basic standards. Therefore, EFI's primary focus is to deliver the highest quality service. We create all bids by answering these basic questions:

How many resources are required to deliver outstanding service?
For what length of time are the resources required?
At what frequency of service are the resources required?

To determine the answers to these basic questions, EFI uses state-of-the-art software that quantitatively generates a budget using industry normalized rates based on the size and configuration of your facility, the specific assets and attributes, and the standards expected from the customer.

The budgets we generate are not based on staffing a job with minimal personnel just to earn your business. Our budgets are created with the purpose of keeping your business long-term by enabling full lifespan utilization of every asset.

Process-driven Service Delivery

EFI is a leader in the implementation of advanced  planning and scheduling techniques to more efficiently operate facilities. We know that effective planning can dramatically cut labor costs, thereby adding savings straight to the bottom line. For example, the use of planning and process engineering techniques can reduce the number of required crew members from 16 to 12 and still achieve the same results.

Traditionally, companies have paid for employee downtime associated with unplanned work. Through the use of scheduling techniques, EFI designs facility service programs that consistently stay on time and on budget. This process-driven approach extends to all areas of EFI as we look to drive out inefficiencies in our operations.