Applicant Hotline / Línea directa


EFI strongly believes in and demonstrates an open-door policy with regard to communication among team members, staff, and the executive team.

If you have a concern that is of a confidential nature such as human resource issues or personal concerns, be aware that EFI takes employee privacy very seriously. Your privacy and your concerns will be protected.

To initiate a conversation, you are encouraged to discuss it with your designated human resource specialist or by calling the employee hotline.

Positions Available

Efficient Facilities International is growing every day. EFI is continually seeking quality people who want to partner in serving our clients. We’re always looking for people who match our mission and values. If you seek a dynamic work environment and are dedicated to providing high quality customer service, check out available positions.

EFI is a continually growing company currently offering hourly positions in the areas of cleaning technician, maintenance technician, and landscape.

Orientation and Training

When individuals join the EFI team, they are provided one-on-one orientation. They receive the tools they'll need to get started on the right track and to become a contributing member of their group or division.

EFI offers various training and development programs for all employees. This training includes everything from improved English-speaking capabilities to higher level skill development.

Soon, EFI will be managing a craft license and certification program to ensure that skilled employees stay current with advances in their fields.

Training plans will be designed based on individual employees' career interests as well as the results of performance reviews. In this way, strengths, development areas, and career goals are addressed.

These tools - along with our approach to integration - facilitate a foundation of support from day one.


We recognize that people are our number one resource and must be protected, treated fairly, and developed. As such, EFI works to create an atmosphere where employees understand their link to the bottom line and are rewarded for their contributions to it.

Stay Connected

If you are a current employee of EFI, this Employee Zone was built just for you. You'll find information and resources to keep you connected to your team mates and to the company. This section will continue to grow as the company grows.

Future Resources

As the company grows, the content and resources on this page will grow. Here's what you can look forward to in the near future.

Employee Self-service

As we continue to aggressively push toward technology integration, EFI is preparing to launch a fully-functioning employee self-service area. Employees will be able to log in and check work schedules, paid time off balances, benefit updates, customer feedback, and online paystubs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This will include commonly asked questions and the most updated answers to provide insight into the company strategy, the status of our progress, and our overall financial outlook.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, use the open-door communication approach and let us know what you're thinking.