Integrated Facility Service

We are the facility workforce management and service company that understands what you're up against every day.  With competing priorities and an unprecedented speed of business, you are pressured to do more with less.  EFI understands that you have to balance budgets, service your customers, and maintain a professional image and safe working environment for your patrons and clients.

Embracing a Superior Process

First we must accurately identify your operational requirements, in a manner that will create a comfortable and inviting environment for occupants. We begin with an operational framework of delivering efficiency, integrated services, and suppressed lifecycle cost. Each individual service component is optimized and the true and accurate need for each service is benchmarked. Finally, each component is reconstituted into a complete, customized, and integrated solution that meets the needs of building stakeholders.

As our approach is driven by systems-thinking, the outcome of our complementary Facility Requirement Assessment (FRA) completes the fundamental work necessary to arm facility owners and financial decision makers with the information necessary to move toward a proactive facility maintenance plan.  It is in this way, that we deliver a systems focused, integrated solution that will lower the lifecycle costs of building operations and reduce resource consumption.  With ninety-nine percent of all lifecycle cost consumed by maintenance and operations, the long-term cost savings we deliver can be significant.  

Team Approach to Performance

We partner to help transform the way our clients approach, plan, execute, and monitor all facility and operational support services through a fully integrated services platform. In the DFW Metroplex alone, we do this for fourteen million square feet and more than three hundred clients.

Change Management

To date, the majority of the research performed in this area has focused exclusively on the construction of buildings that meet the evolving standards of energy and sustainability performance. Although this is important, the fact is that the true cost to construct a facility is only one percent of the total lifecycle cost of facilities. This means that ninety-nine percent of the cost to operate, maintain, and upgrade a facility during a building lifecycle is consumed by operational and maintenance expense. This fact is at the heart of EFI’s approach.  If ninety-nine percent of all monies spent during the life of a building are consumed by operations and maintenance, the most important facility objective therefore should be the development of the systems, processes, and services that add every possible year to the life of any building. In reality, adding years of life to a facility -and the assets that comprise it - is a meaningful way to control cost and produce robust savings.